Sample Letter of Ending Tenancy Agreement

If you`re a tenant who is planning to move out of your rental property, you`ll need to inform your landlord in writing. Sending a letter is one of the best ways to end a tenancy agreement, as it provides a paper trail of the process.

When drafting your letter of ending tenancy agreement, it`s important to include several key details to ensure that it is effective and comprehensive. Here are the essential components that you should include in your letter:

1. Date and address

Begin your letter with the current date and provide your name and address. Follow this up by addressing the letter to your landlord or property manager. Double-check that you have the correct contact information for them.

2. Notice period

Make sure to include the notice period that you are required to give to terminate your tenancy agreement. This will vary depending on the terms of your rental contract, but typically it ranges from 30 to 60 days. Be sure to check your lease agreement to confirm the notice period required.

3. Reason for termination

In your letter, state the reason why you are ending the tenancy agreement. Whether it`s because of a change in personal circumstances, job relocation, or any other reason, make sure to explain the situation in a clear and concise manner.

4. Move-out date

Specify the exact date that you plan to move out of the property. This will give your landlord ample time to prepare for your departure and make arrangements for a new tenant to move in.

5. Request for a move-out inspection

Request an inspection of the rental property before you move out. This will give you the opportunity to identify and correct any issues that could result in deductions from your security deposit.

6. Forwarding address

Provide your new address to ensure that your landlord can send any remaining security deposit or future correspondence to the correct address.

7. Signature and date

End your letter with your signature and the date. This will confirm that you have provided your landlord with a written notice of your intention to vacate the property.

In conclusion, sending a letter of ending tenancy agreement is a crucial step in the process of moving out of your rental property. By following these tips and including all the necessary details, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free transition from your current residence.